California Proposes Expanded Coverage of its Rigid Plastic Container Requirements.

 Cal Recycle (the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery) has proposed significant changes to its regulations of rigid plastic packaging containers (“RPPC”) .  These regulations apply to RPPCs with a capacity of between eight (8) ounces and five (5) gallons with exceptions for food and medical containers.  Such containers must be sourced reduced or have a minimum post-consumer recycled content.  The proposed changes include:

  • Include containers that are almost identical to regulated containers.  Current regulations eliminated containers with metal handles, and the proposed regulations would include such containers.
  • Include any sealed containers.  Current regulations included only containers that were capable of multiple re-closures, and the proposed regulations would include containers capable of at least one closure although containers without a lid (such as a garden pot) would remain excluded from regulation.
  • Changes to the formulas used to calculate compliance.
  • Changes to the selection process for companies to certify compliance.  This process has not yet been defined.

A workshop isscheduled for June 22, 2011.