Initial Results of Biomonitoring Californians

The California Scientific Guidance Panel of the California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring Program (“Program”) will host a meeting to discuss initial findings of its program to measure levels of environmental contaminants from.  To date, common chemicals in consumer products such as plasticizers, phthalates, perfluorochemicals, pesticides, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and banned flame retardants … Read more

U.S. EPA Fines Logitech More than $250,000 for Keyboard Claims

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on September 28, 2011, that Logitech, Inc. has agreed to pay $261,000 to the EPA to settle alleged violations of federal pesticide regulations.  EPA claimed that Logitech had unsubstantiated public health claims about its keyboard based on marking claims that a silver compound in the keyboard protected the user from bacteria … Read more